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10/2/2011Highlights from World Social Forum, Dakar, Senegal

by focuspuller last modified Feb 10, 2011 08:53 PM

The world social forum continuing in Dakar. Biodiversity, Food Sovereignty and Climate Change: the voices of intellectuals, activists are being heard by government representatives.

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Full Description

Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Portuguese renown academic tells us about the different associations that use the WSF to expose their fights against the crisis and also how Africa is now the key ground for neoliberal policies.

Josie Riffaud, France Confederation Paysanne, explains how important it is to understand how devastating are the industrial agricolture's activities claimed to be the food crisis solutions. Everybody should understand why these are false solutions.

Anne Maina, South Africa, ABN African Biodiversity Network, explains that African biodiversity and food security has to be protected and recognised by governments and policy makers against profit seeking industrial models.

 Kettly Alexandre, Haiti - Movement Paysan De Papaye Recognises that this is an opportunity for Haiti to be here and expose the problems we are facing and the fight that our organisation is carrying on.

Also at (00:02:23 to 00:02:55) : We're fighting against Monsanto to preserve our indigenous seeds: we had a big demonstration with 15000 peasants against what we consider their poisonous gift of hundreds of tons of hybrid seeds.

Pablo Solon, Bolivian Ambassador at United Nation, tells us that the reason why representatives of the Bolivian Government are at the WSF is because they want to hear and learn the proposals of social movements in order to bring them to the UN. They believe that in this new century, if we really what to preserve Human Rights, it is necessary to fight for a new paradigm where nature's right to exist and its integrity are recognised instead of just treating nature as an object that can be sold, bought and transformed anyway we please.

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