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7/2/2011Highlights from World Social Forum, Dakar, Senegal

by focuspuller last modified Feb 09, 2011 08:47 PM

The second day at the World Social Forum at Dakar continues with the presence of 130 countries and more than 70,000 participants. Today we spoke with Vinod Raina (India), Member from the Indian Social Forum that talks to us about the pertinence and insight of placing the Dakar WSF in the context of the african outbreaks of democracy in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Algeria. Wedad Ekkerda' Oui from Egypt Development Support Centre for Consultancy and Training updates us on the events in Tahrir Sq. and of the importance of gathering support and solidarity at the WSF and internationaly with the people in Egypt. Karim Katib (Tunisia) a young lawyer from the Association tunisienne des jeunes tell us about the success of the Jasmine revolution and the role of students, unions and people in this undefeated uprising. Ibrahim Coulibaly (Mali) from La Via Campesina small farmers international movement member explains the accelerated process in land grabbing since 2008 in the particular case of Mali. Buuba Diop (Senegal) President of the WSF Organising Committee points out the importance of the WSF as a platform that allows for serious debates about the crisis of civilisations and the present system.

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