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FSM2016 Montreal Canada: Youssef Nasser Palestine

by focuspuller last modified Aug 11, 2016 04:04 PM

Youssef Nasser, from the Union of Agricultural Committee in Palestine speaks about the dispossession and lack of access to land and water under the Israel regime. "Under different guises, land has been confiscated continuously since 1967, when the occupation started in West Bank", he says. "These are often called a Military Zone or a Public land or a Nature Reserve - kept away and inaccessible to Palestine people...." "...The biggest land grab was when they divided the West Bank into Area A, B & C..", he adds. Union of Agricultural Committee is also a member of the international peasant movement La Via Campesina. "Where I come from, we are provided water once a week", he says. Peasant farming was the backbone of West Bank region. Since occupation, the viability of peasant farming has been totally undermined, he adds.

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