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TUNIS2013: World Social Forum 27 March.

by focuspuller last modified Mar 28, 2013 11:22 AM

World Social Forum meets Spring Revolution. day 2 Tunisi, 27 march 2013, the second day of the World Social Forum it begins with a major participation of students and young people from all over africa and world, that converge in a peaceful meetings and various conferences about the tematic like energy transitions, alternatives, food sovereignty, land grabbing, climate justice and social change.

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Full Description

mohamed radhouene oueslati  - student of tunisian university, artist composer  (TUNISI) 

TC: 00:22-> 01:00


"We are here at the social forum in tunis to spread the message that the revolution , the political revolution is done, now we have to do our cultural revolution, the revolution in our minds, and the message for all people all over the world , freedom and dignity, is the first  word that we can put in our hands and our minds"


Noza ben mohamed - journalist, wsf organizing comitee , radio 6 Tunisi  (TUNISI)

TC: 01:11-> 01:30


"Here at Tunisi today we have seen the world social forum that take for slogan the word dignity is the tunisian revolution who welcomes people from all over the world and civil society for the first days of the world social forum."


Ibrahim Coulibaly - LA Via Campesina Network Président de la Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Mali (CNOP) (MALI) 

TC: 01.35-> 02:17


"Small farmers agriculture is the solution for the climate crisis and the crisis in general, and for the association la Via Campesina, farmers agriculture is the the only thing that can really cool down the planet.

I think that there is so much hope in these days because in Mali we come from a big victory, who stopped the work on one of the biggest area in mali, the government has been put under pressure for the land grabbing, some of the land has been liberated from the government and the things are getting better now, so we have hope."



Tazio Muller -  Rosa Luxemburg Foundation - (GER) one of he speakers of the Climate Change Network

TC:  01.34-> 02:59


"we have to be able to show people , that another world , another life is possible, but it makes senses for people. and if you talk of community control renewable energy and in means that your life is getting cheeper, and you keep control of the resources of your own life, and that's the point, the alternatives aren't abstract they improve people's life in everyday."

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