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TUNIS2013: World Social Forum opening rally

by focuspuller last modified Mar 28, 2013 11:39 AM

Highlights of the demonstration of the first day of the world social forum in Tunis, on 26 March 2013. World Social Forum meets Spring Revolution. Tunisi, 26 march 2013, the first day of the World Social Forum begins with a strong and unusual demonstration that involves all kind of people, from society personality, to world representatives of all kind of movement, throughout normal people from all over the world. The images shows the opening rally and interviews of some civic society personality of the arab world and key people of the Tunisian revolution. Saida Garrach Tunisian lawyer and feminist Haucine Abassi secretary general of the Tunisian General Union of Workers Sergio Bassoli CGIL international department Samir Amin Brasilian Indigenous leaders. Tom Goldtooth He is a member of the Dené, Navajo, and Dakota (or ‘Sioux’) Indigenous People, on Turtle Island / North America.) realized by antonio pacor and manuel bellino focuspuller

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 Saida Garrach Tunisian lawyer and feminist Saida Garrach was born in 1985 in tunisia, she has been General Secretary of the "Tunisian Association of Democratic Women" since mid-2006. Martina Sabra spoke to her about the difficulties entailed by her work in a state that tries to stifle all the activities of civil society. Saida Garrach said: 00:25 -> 01:07 (FR) "We think that it's a nice victory for the alter-mondialist, to come today to begin the world social forum with the golden word that is Dignity, the word that is also the first watchword of the tunisian spring revolution. We cannot think of a gift more beautiful and accurate for this world meeting that we are sure that will be a great success. Since now there are almost 40 000 enrolled already in the forum, and we are waiting about 70 000 participants between internationals and tunisians people." Emna Aouadi She cover high responsibility role for the Tunisian General Union of Workers, the biggest union in Tunisia. She is a member of the National Office of the Women's Commission. she said: "the role of the women's in tunisian society has been always relevant in every sector for the tunisian country and always place themselves against the dictatorship, the repression , against violence, terrorism, and for freedom, citizenship and to keep forward with the values of the citizen revolution" Haucine Abassi Born in 1974 a Sbikha, he begins his professional career as educator, until he get promoted as a pedagogic counselor for the secondary school in 1973 . Its current secretary general of the Tunisian General Union of Workers, who has a major role in the Spring Revolution, Houcine Abassi, has headed the organisation since its first post-revolution congress. Haucine Abassi said: (FR) TC: 01:41 -> 02:09 "thanks to the revolution, we are here to reach democracy, freedom, justice.. the unions participate to the world social forum in this way, and we are very happy to be here in the middle of common tunisian people and with all the participants of the international forum." Sergio Bassoli says: "abassi is right, the role of the union in tunisia was clearly fundamental played by the union, but not only in tunisia, also in egypt, were we had seen in tahrir square, the guys fought tighter with the base union, and the stronger workers movement. Samir Amin Born 3 September 1931, is an Egyptian Economist, He lives in Dakar Senegal. He directs the Forum du Tiers at Dakar, and he is the president of the Forum Mondial of the Alternatives. is an economist currently based in Dakar, Senegal, where he is the director of Forum du Tiers Monde (Third World Forum) Amin is also the chair of the World Forum for Alternatives He is one of the best-known thinkers of his generation, both in development theory as well as in the relativistic–cultural critique of the social sciences. Samir Amin said: (ENG) TC: 02:14 -> 02:33 "Radical responses to the crisis of capitalism, we should call the things by their name, and say that we need more than just protest, we need to develop a positive alternative anti capitalist, a radical one." Brasilian Indigenous leaders says: "We are here to ask respect for us to live free, and respect for our land, we come from brazilian amazonian villages, and our mission is to diffuse our situation, and the world social forum is one of the best places to do it " Tom Goldthooth Tom Goldtooth i. He is a member of the Dené, Navajo, and Dakota (or ‘Sioux’) Indigenous People, on Turtle Island / North America.). For over thirty years, he has been an environmental and economic justice leader in the Native American community. As Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Tom Goldtooth has built an organization of 250 indigenous communities focused on climate justice, energy, toxics, water, globalization and trade, and sustainable development. A prominent spokesman on environmental justice issues, he was honored in 2010 by the Sierra Club and the NAACP as a “Green Hero of Color.” Tom Goldthoot says: (ENG) TC: 02:45 -> 03:07 "we are concerned that the people of the world need to wake up, and fight for democracy, fight for the people , the land, fight for the earth, the mother earth has rights, and we have to remember that we have to look to system change, not climate change!" realized by antonio pacor and manuel bellino focuspuller


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